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Last 90 Days Settlements


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November 2023
$1.25M - Complex Maritime Accident 
$6M - Confidential Medical Malpractice
$2M - Confidential Medical Malpractice

$200K - Legal Malpractice
$3.85M - Construction Accident
$800K - Trucking R
elated Fatality
$700K - Complex Commercial Litigation - Contractual Disputes, Property Damage and Negligence
$150K - Workplace Premises Liability 
$235K - Fractured Hip Nursing Home Fall
$165K - Hazardous Chemical Injury
$150K - Sexual Abuse Claim
$2M - Commercial Litigation Pertaining to Consumer Safety
$900K - Construction Collision
$58K - Motor Vehicle Accident
$6M - A Minor's Fall From an Amusement Ride Climbing Wall
$500K - Nursing Home Fall

October 2023
$60K - UIM/UM Bad Faith Allegation
$1.057M - Sexual Abuse Claim
$550K - Confidential Settlement
$127K -  Auto Accident
$10.25M -  Confidential Settlement
$816K - Auto Accident
$240K - Confidential Settlement
$500K - Trucking Death Accident 
$1.7M - Sexual Abuse Claim
$1.2M - Confidential Settlement
$200K - Construction Accident Broken Ulnar
$2.5M - Confidential Med Malpractice
$1.86M - Construction Accident
$150K - Confidential Construction Accident
$60K - Auto Accident
$58K - Auto Accident
$825K - Truck/Auto Accident Death Case
$3.5M - Construction Accident

September 2023
$5.5M - Medical Malpractice
$275K - Nursing Home Fall
$66K -   Partial Toe Amputation
$550K - Slip and Fall, Downspout Ice
$60K  -  Fall at an Assisted Living Facility, T-11 Compression Fracture
$4.3M - Detained Shoplifter Subsequent Death
$3M -    Premises Liability with Medical Negligence
$1.6M - Nursing Home Pressure Ulcer
$14M -  Medical Malpractice
$1.5M - Construction Worker Fall from Ladder
$9M  -    Wrongful Death Construction Accident
$7M -     Wrongful Death Auto Accident
$1.325M - Industrial Plant Worker Struck by Moving Forklift
$160K - Mental Health Elopement Supervision Facility Issue 
$850K - Trucking Accident
$1.65M -Iron Worker Construction Accident
$860K -  Fall on Temporary Stairs at Construction Site


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