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Last 90 Days Settlements


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June 2024
$630k               Auto v. Truck
$350k               Fall on Bus
$185k               Sexual Abuse
$200k               Auto Accident
$512,500         Burst Fracture with Transportation Company
$650k               Confidential Settlement
$825k               Sexual Abuse
$800k               Sexual Abuse
$350k               Auto v. Bicycle
$3,686,000     Rear-end Collision Involving a Truck
$240K               Nursing Home
$900K               Rotator Cuff
$990K               Rear-end Collision
$350K               Tenant Construction Accident
$1,426,000      Dog Mauling
$5M                    Medical Malpractice       

May 2024
$200K               Sexual Assault 
$6.875M           Industrial Plant Explosion Resulting in Multiple Deaths
$1,012,500      Auto Accident involving a Pedestrian
$200K               Premises Liability 
$341K               Fire Subrogation
$4.1M                Workplace Accident
$18.75M           Water Contamination/Pollution
$450K               Nursing Home Fall
$675K               Auto Accident Involving a Pedestrian
$2.5M                Auto Accident Involving a Truck and Car
$2.5M                Iron Worker Construction Accident
$1.4M                Commercial Construction Defects
$925K               Maintenance Worker Accident
$1.5M                Transportation Accident
$7.5M                Medical Malpractice Death
$4.7M                Auto Collision
$399K               Fall and Subsequent Death at Supportive Living Facility
$600K               Construction Trip and Fall on Job Site
$405K               Automobile T-bone 
$500K               Truck v. Auto
$1.85M             Ironworker Construction
$3M                    Shooting Death

April 2024
$900K               Sexual Assault
$350K               Nursing Home
$369K               Premises Liability Construction Accident
$4.8M                Death of a Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk 
$2.25M             Medical Malpractice
$5.85M             Industrial Plant Explosion Resulting in Multiple Deaths
$53K                  Premises Liability 
$550K               Nursing Home Fall Resulting in Death
$480K               Premises Liability on Commercial Property
$500K               Confidential Settlement
$285K               Premises Liability 
$700K               Confidential Settlement
$1.35M             Auto Accident involving a semi-truck and car
$275K               Confidential Settlement
$600K               Construction Accident Resulting in Loss of Sight
$2.9M                Medical Malpractice Involving Amputation 
$2.5M                Warehouse Forklift Accident


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