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All negotiations are a two-way road to success.

Gomolinski Mediation | Arbitration & Mediation

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Judge Gomolinski (Ret.) has over 37 years of combined legal experience and an impressive track record of resolving even the most difficult and complex cases.

Judge Gomolinski boasts a distinguished career marked by settlements exceeding $2 billion, a testament to his extensive experience and expertise. His reputation for exceptional patience and unwavering attention to detail and legal knowledge has established him as the quintessential neutral, revered for his fair and unbiased approach to dispute resolution.

“I never use a cookie cutter approach to mediation. Every good mediator must be a chameleon and change methods based upon facts, circumstances, insurance, parties and other motivating factors.  As a neutral, my goal is reaching an acceptable and palatable risk-reward point that results in an ultimate agreement between the parties using my legal knowledge and the unique facts of every case. If a mediator gives up during a mediation, get a new mediator!  I will never give up on attempting to settle your case.” 
- Judge Gomolinski (Ret.)

Hon. William E. Gomolinski (Ret.) | Mediator and Arbitrator


Mediation is a powerful tool for resolving disputes, where parties work together with the aid of a neutral mediator to achieve a mutually acceptable solution.

With Judge Gomolinski's unparalleled experience and expertise in dispute resolution, clients have entrusted him to settle their most complex and challenging cases, with consistently outstanding results. His keen insight, refined communication skills, and unwavering commitment to fairness and impartiality make him an invaluable asset to any mediation process.



Arbitration is a highly effective method for resolving disputes, where parties present their case to an impartial third party, known as an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators, who then issue a binding decision.

With Judge Gomolinski's unmatched reputation for fairness, impartiality, and sound judgment, clients can trust that their case will be resolved through a careful and thorough consideration of all the evidence presented. Judge Gomolinski is widely recognized for his ability to make well-reasoned decisions based solely on the facts of the case, free from any bias or preconception.
Once a decision has been reached, Judge Gomo-linski takes the time to explain the judgment in detail, providing clarity and transparency to all parties involved.

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